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City of Scrap is a 2D exploration and combat based game demo set in a ruined city overrun by rogue robots. You play as Scrap, a modular combat robot sent to the city to discover the root of the problem and deal with the malfunctioning robots.


  • 2 Unique Areas to Explore
  • A Variety of Upgrades to Find Hidden Throughout the World
  • 2 Devilish Bosses to Dismantle
  • 6 Types of Enemies to Shred to Scrap
  • Controller Support
  • Variable Resolutions



  • A and D move Left and Right.
  • Space jumps. (Once you have the upgrade!)
  • J shoots your equipped weapon.
  • W and S aim your arm cannon Up or Down when shooting.
  • I and K let you aim Diagonally Up and Down.
  • U shoots the grapple (Once you have the upgrade!), which is aimed using the same buttons as the arm cannon.
  • E lets you interact with interact-able objects.
  • Tab opens the Modules menu, where you can swap out your equipped weapon by navigating the menu with W and S. Pressing Tab again closes it.
  • Escape pauses the game.


  • Left Stick move Left and Right.
  • A Button or South Face Button jumps. (Once you have the upgrade!)
  • Right Bumper shoots your equipped weapon.
  • Left Stick aims your arm cannon Up or Down when shooting.
  • Left and Right Triggers let you aim Diagonally Up and Down.
  • Left Bumper shoots the grapple (Once you have the upgrade!), which is aimed using the same buttons as the arm cannon.
  • X Button or West Face Button lets you interact with interact-able objects.
  • Select opens the Modules menu, where you can swap out your equipped weapon by navigating the menu with Left Stick. Pressing Select again closes it.
  • Start pauses the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can open doors by shooting at them or walking up and interacting!
  • Any enemies with green armor or doors with green lights can't be damaged or opened with your basic Steam Shooter. They require you to use the Scrap Cannon!
  • You'll need to backtrack through previously explored areas in order to progress at some points. If you're stuck and think you've explored everything, try returning to an area you've been to before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there controller support?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I rebind the controls?

A: Not currently. The default control scheme is listed above and can also be found in the Settings menu! 

Q: Are any other resolutions supported?

A: Yes! We've not fully tested the other resolutions though, so any feedback would be appreciated. Resolutions are listed based on what is supported by your monitor. 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended.

Q: Is this game supported on Linux and Mac?

A: For the most part! We're still working out the kinks as none of the developers use Linux or Mac systems, so post anything you have issues with, please!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsGogglesKitty, Aeon, CinemA113
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Exploration, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Robots, Steampunk, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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City of Scrap Demo V0.2 - Standalone Windows.zip 60 MB
City of Scrap Demo V0.2 - Standalone Linux.zip 63 MB
City of Scrap Demo V0.2 - Standalone Mac.app.zip 60 MB

Development log


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Loving the steampunky underling vibes! Congrats on graduating . Too bad I couldn’t get very far because the game freezes whenever i hit a checkpoint and get enclosed, no keys respond after that, and the Load game option isn’t responsive (I’m on Mac). If you guys decide to ever return to this and iron out the kinks, shut up and take my money!

(1 edit) (+1)

I have an issue where the game will freeze for like 10-30 seconds at certain major points (like getting the Scrap Cannon). I sort of assume that it had to do with me playing on Linux.

I’m going to play City of Scrap on my livestream tonight, so I’ll link the video when I play (and give timestamps if I have issues)! The game is very well made, and it would be fun to speedrun!


Here is my stream (skipping over Among Us): https://youtu.be/4aquWWUFvMc?t=11570

3:20:40 is where I fight Scrapion, and I lag when I get the Scrap Cannon. I don’t know why I lag, but hopefully it’s just a me thing.


Literally one of my top 3 games, period


You can get softlocked under the elevator(s) by calling them down and going under them


Promising game. I hope you'll be able to release it as some point in the future. As a metroidvania fan this is definitely something I'd be interested in. It could do with tightening up the controls and some other stuff obviously, but the core idea is interesting. Best of luck.

(1 edit) (+1)

I just dropped a first look / review of this game on my Youtube! Check it out using the link/window below, and keep on working to bring your vision to life <3


This game is a unfinished jewel! it keept me running for about 1 hour. So it may be short but well written. while playing it felt like i could actually explore on my own, without knowing the exact path, that motivated me that much that i could not stop until i finished. the shooting enemies can target you by aiming, while fighting i thought "I wish i have a module that allow me to acually target them"

graphics and environment 7/10

the design could be improved but might destory the flair, but the colors might need some minor tweaks

controls 8.5/10

jumping with the head hitting the roof feels wierd and not intended

i missed to listen to the music so ill skip rating this

puzzles and story 4/10

the puzzels are not complicated and the story does not offer much but the gadgets give you some power and something that keeps you running

Everything together i would rate this a 8/10 

(+1,5 as i think that this has a great potential)

 think about giving it a wider background story. some optional dialogs would increase the glare of the game. the end were a bit rought. another round or chapter would be wonderfull. althought a area beneath the city might fit here. take a look at the netflix movie "Blame!" the environment reminds me at the tube area. an area that expands throught environmental changes althought might be a thing.

will it be a full game?

Is this 64 bit or 32 bit?

Sorry for the super late reply!

The game is 64 bit


I have just donated 5 USD to help you to continue development of this great game, enjoy my donation as you deserve it :o)

Thanks so much!

We really appreciate it!


i talked to goggleskitty specifically about this a bit ago, but i love this project and all the work behind it and would be more than happy to create some music for y'all for free if you're interested!! 


Do you plan to update this project further down the line? It was really good.


Hey! Yes, we plan to release an update with some quality of life changes, dramatic changes to the boss sprites, controller support, etc, here in the next week or so. We're not planning on making any entirely new content yet, as we're still refining what we have using player feedback. But we do have plenty more ideas for the game, and if we all agree we want to keep working on it (the development so far has been a school project), we could eventually turn this into a full-length game!

Wait, this was done just for a school project? I'd be surprised if you didn't get an A!


It was for our College Capstone. We did very well!


I think they should get an A+ :o)


This game is so much fun, I had so much fun playing it i even made a youtube video on it that is going to be out 31st May 2020 at 1pm GMT. 

(Heres the video anyway for when it comes out)


Who made the assets for this game?


All the sprites used in the game are 100% original and made by GogglesKitty and myself!


game is cool tho springheel got stuck by the left side of the entrance so i had to restart it, and the camera can be jarring sometimes, art looks great!

Thanks for the compliments!

Yeah, we're fixing up a few issues with Springheel, they'll be in the next update.

Do you mind sharing more about your thoughts on the camera so we can improve it?


when the player was moving up and down, as well as looking left and right to target enemies and bosses, it was a bit too fast for my liking, also forgot to mention it in my previous post but you might want to add to the in-game controls thing about being able to shoot up and down because on my first playthrough, i didnt realize it and just thought springheel was invincible

Got ya! Thanks for the feedback, we'll see what we can do to improve it!


the scrap scorpion boss is very buggy i got stuck in the hammer and when i shot the entire boss disapeared or how you spell it

Thanks for posting!

Yeah, he's the newest addition and we're working on fixing him up. I guess you somehow hit his final hitbox early.

Thanks for notifying us!


I'm having an issue where I can't jump, using the Linux version on Linux Mint 19.3, other games that use space work okay :o/

(1 edit)

The jump is an upgrade, did you get it yet?

You get it a short ways into the game.


Yes, I finally figured it out after I got to Springheel.....lol....space is working okay, thanks for the help :o)

Nah, thank you for being eager to help out with bugs!

It's definitely not obvious that you don't start with jump, so I understand!


Now the game is even better! I really enjoyed it!


I got trapped in the springheel boss fight because i ran under cover after the first attack, and he got wedged into the overhang.


Hey, thanks for letting us know about that! We'll be addressing it in the next update.


I have had the same thing happen the odd occasion to, so glad you will be addressing this, thanks :o)


Hey Dev,

You got a pretty good game on your hands here, the exploration is fun and intriguing, the boss fights are pretty cool and the environment is well done. I just hope you continue to add more. I liked it so much that  I included it in my Top 5 pick of games I played this past week! Keep up the great work! 

- Elit3hoboguy

Thanks for the compliments and feedback!

Based on the community response, we're definitely planning on overhauling the tutorial system, as it doesn't seem to be quite up to snuff.

Also, that steam boiler is a teaser for a new upgrade that's in the works, so stay tuned for that!


The first boss kicked my butt a few times and then i got luckyand beat it.  I need to draw out a map of where I've been because i think I've missed some areas.  Saved my game so I'll have to see if i can make it to the next boss.  Enjoying it so far.


Fun game! Worked really well on Linux after the hotfix. Glad to see a developer caring about all operating systems!


So when i try to run the executible to download the game, it says that the file is for windows, but im trying to download it on my chromebooks native linux support. how do i fix this?

(2 edits)

Oh, sorry!

I forgot to upload the separate versions for Linux & Mac!
There's going to be a new update soon, so you'll be able to re-download that when it's uploaded.

Sorry again!


Ok that's fine, i just needed to make sure that they existed!

(1 edit)

Those versions have been uploaded!

Sorry for the confusion.

Those builds of the game are rather untested and I'm not fully sure of the stability of the game.  Please report any bugs you find!

(2 edits) (+3)

Really nice game, probably one of the best I have ever played, but i have problem with loading saved games.  It has been like that for very long time! On this white stripe on right side game is displayed. Loading screen blocks display of content!

(1 edit)

Thanks for the complements!

Yes, the loading is slightly bugged. I believe it's to do with the computer system's local.  Something with the machine reading the save file's decimals incorrectly.  

There's hopefully a fix for that in the version we're going to be uploading soon.

Can you tell me how to fix it?

You can download the newest release of the Demo, and then just copy the saves folder over to the new version!

The save system was very slightly tweaked, but I think the files should load properly. If not, you might need to make a new save.


Thanks, works! :] Really nice work!

(1 edit) (+2)

i cant press ESC in menu to close tab / buzz saws have no  sound and are poorly drawn   i cant change controls or i missed something / no micro saves on lvl feels bad  i played like 5 min  died and i need to start from 0 / also Theres bug  there you can see lines behind tiles    you need to apply  shader with  pixel snap setting on    (if you work in unity)

(1 edit) (+1)

We really appreciate your feedback!

  • For the tab menu, we'll be sure to add ESC as another way to close it. (for now, only Tab closes it.)
  • We'll definitely add sounds to the shredders and will revise their sprites and animations. 
  • The controls are not rebindable for now, unfortunately. We'll be adding that ability in.
  • We're planning on adding a save point right after Springheel.
  • We had a pixel perfect camera set up until the last minute but turned it off because it made the "interact" text blurry, we'll be finding another solution to that.

Thank you again, we hope you had fun! We've got a lot of fixing to do :)


We've addressed almost everything here with the V0.1.1 Update! Rebindable controls aren't in yet, and the shredders haven't gotten a fresh coat of paint, but everything else is in!


Great Platformer! Nice animations!


Thanks for posting a video! This really helped us determine that we need to properly convey how to equip the Scrap Cannon Upgrade.