City of Scrap Demo V0.1.1 Released

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the positive support and feedback on our demo!

Today we've uploaded a new version of the demo with some changes that were sorely needed!

Also, I've actually uploaded the Mac and Linux versions this time! Sorry to all those last time who downloaded it and it  didn't have the right files.
WARNING: Linux and Mac users, I've not fully verified this game works on these systems.  Please post any issues you find!

Here's the changelog:


  • Enemies now flash red when they take damage.
  • Added tutorial text at the start of a new game that explains how to move and shoot.
  • The Modules/Weapon Switch menu can now be closed with Escape.
  • Item pickup text is much more descriptive.
  • The cursor is now disabled when there are no menus open.
  • Elevator and Elevator Call Button interact text is now dependent on the Elevator (Call Button text won’t appear if the Elevator is already on your level, etc.)
  • Added sprites for the up and down arrows on the Elevator.
  • Adjusted most audio to make it pan less and not use the Doppler effect.
  • Added sounds to shredders.
  • Added Save Room light indicators to indicate that the room they’re near is a Save Room.
  • You can now flip left and right when hanging from grapple points.
  • Landfill
    • A backtracking jump on the left side is now possible if you only have Spring Boots.
    • Made some jumps less precise.
    • Added a Save Station right after Springheel.
    • Split the room after Springheel into 2 smaller ones.
    • Adjustments to the background details.
  • Sewer
    • Scrapion
      • Attack animation adjustments for clarity.
      • Increased projectile spread when the tail shoots.
      • Added a scrap spawner to the room so returning at any point without scrap won’t leave you stuck.
    • Rats are significantly more visible.
    • Zombie Robots are now slightly less accurate and can shoot faster.
    • A variety of small changes and fixes to the foreground and background tiles.
    • Small adjustments to the placements of some rooms.
    • Made some jumps less precise.
    • Removed unnecessary grapple points.
    • Made reaching one health upgrade slightly easier.

Bug Fixes

  • The Save Manager has been overhauled - It should now function if you're playing on non-US System locals.
  • A loading text log file is now generated for debugging purposes.
  • Adjustments to loading transition timing.
  • The item pickup sound no longer plays on scene transitions.
  • Added padding to the tiles to prevent an issue where seams could appear around them.
  • Scrapion should now properly stay dead when you’ve already killed it.


  • Removed old, unused sounds, tiles, scenes, and animations.


City of Scrap Demo V0.1.1 - Standalone 60 MB
7 days ago
City of Scrap Demo V0.1.1 - Standalone 62 MB
7 days ago
City of Scrap Demo V0.1.1 - Standalone 60 MB
7 days ago

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