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ˈSHāpˌSHift was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 35.

Controls and Important Notes:

-Escape: Close the game

-'R': Return to menu

-Enter: Submit your guess and, once you have submitted your guess, demand that the game bring you another shape to guess.

-Left Mouse + Hold: Adjust your shape's X and Y coordinates by moving your mouse.

-Holding Left Mouse + Shift: Forcibly rotate your shape toward your mouse.

-Holding Left Mouse + Control: Brutally adjust your shape's color by moving your mouse up and down.

*The Maximum X value is 320.

*The Maximum Y value is 180.

*The Maximum hue is 255.

*The Maximum angle is 360 degrees.

*The angle starts at 0 when your mouse is due right of your shape, and increases in a counter-clockwise fashion until you reach due right again, at which point the angle snaps from 359 degrees to 0 degrees.

Instead of interpreting this Ludum Dare's theme (Shapeshift), I decided to take it as literally as possible. This game involves:

-Moving Shapes!

-Rotating Shapes!

-Changing the Color of Shapes!

...and not much else.


Insignificant Update (1.001):

-Aligned Misaligned Text

Want more facetiousness? Head over to my Twitter page. I'm sure there's something interesting there...

Install instructions

For Source:

Download .zip file and extract.


SHapSHift.exe 2 MB
SHapSHift Source.zip 232 kB

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