A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 48 Hours for Ludum Dare 37.

Your goal is to reach the dark flag by navigating the room.

Once you reach the dark flag, the flags switch their color and the room rearranges itself.

Each rearrangement provides a more difficult layout to navigate.


A/D or Arrow Keys: Move

W/S or Arrow Keys: Navigate Menu

R: Restart the Current Room

Enter: Select Menu Option

Esc: Pause

Install instructions

For .exe:

Download and run the executable, enjoy!

For Source:

Download .zip file and extract.


Flag Runner.exe 2 MB
Flag Runner Source.zip 970 kB


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Very impressive, reminds me of VVVVV and 140.

(coverage starts at PI (3:14))

Hey, thanks for checking it out! I really appreciate it!